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Here are the top manufacturers and distributors you should know about when buying or renting generators.


Aggreko can supply generators from 15KVA to 2000KVA in single units, as well as multi-megawatt packages using 1250KVA units, which are linked together. Smaller sets are used to power portacabins, piling machines and hand tools, while construction cranes are usually powered by 250 or 320KVA generators.

Large-scale construction projects often require multi-megawatt power packages, which are used to power labour camps and temporary accommodation for construction workers. Aggreko provided 32MVA of rental power to support 25,000 labour camps on Yas Island. Unlike its competitors, Aggreko does not sell equipment. Instead, it provides customers with power packages, including engineering and design to commissioning and operation. The company has a network of ten locations in six countries – Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and the UAE.

Top manufacturers and distributors of Generators
Manlift Group

Manlift Group distributes a large fleet of generators that are built specifically for harsh conditions and extreme temperatures and have large internal fuel tanks for 24-hour running. They range from 30 KVA to 1250KVA. The company supplies the generators to the UAE and Qatar and has provided products for projects such as the Dubai Metro, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Festival City, Motar City, Al Raha Beach and Yas Island.

Shandong Hengtong Power Co., Ltd

Shandong Hengtong Power Co., Ltd. is a large-scale diesel engine manufacturer that supplies marine diesel engines and has a high reputation in the Weichai power generator market.

The company is located in the beautiful international kite capital-Weifang City, Shandong Province. The power range of generators produced ranges from 30 to 800kW, such as: 30kW generator, 40kw generator, Weichai 50kw generator, Weifang diesel four-cylinder engine, 150kw Generator set, 100kw generator set,250kw generator set and other diesel generator set models.

Top manufacturers and distributors of Generators


Genertek is a single source power generation solutions provider, which means they design, package the power generation equipment, supply the balance of power generation station equipment and install your power generation solution.

Genertek provides parts, service and operating consumables necessary to support the continued operation and maintenance of installed power generation solution. Genertek also provides extended operations and maintenance services.

The company package their stationary and mobile generator sets that features a medium speed NREMD 2 cycle engine which provides a lighter medium speed generator package than any provider in the world.

This is the only medium speed (750-900rpm) engine driven generator package that offers 1000kW,1500kW, 2000kW, 2500kW, 3000kW and a 3350kW in either a 50HZ or 60hZ packaged in a single container or single trailered package that can take a 110% block load from black start in less than 10 seconds.

Genertek Power Industries units offer the absolute Lowest Capex to own and operate in a four year operating cycle when operating at max loads. These units are made to run hard and reliably in harsh and remote areas of the world for critical power need applications.  GPI rids the industry of the generator kW output rating games.

If the rating of a GPI unit is rated 3000kW then that rating is a continuous rated output with a 10% overload. The same platform engine can be delivered to operate on diesel, heavy fuels up to IFO 380 specs, natural gas, propane and various flare gases or a multi-fuel fired configuration of any two or three of the fuels.

Ingersoll Rand

Ingersoll Rand supplies 20KVA to 600KVA diesel generators. Its business comes from almost all sectors that require electrical power. Business fluctuates from one sector to another, according to the company depending on the activeness of the industry. The construction industry, for example, lead the GSS economical growth from 2002-2008 but is now declining slightly. In the current climate Ingersoll Rand has found that renting is the preferred method of acquiring generators.


Founded in 1982, Himoinsa is a manufacturer of power generators based in Spain and has suppliers across the world, including the Middle East, which distributes its products and supplies spare parts. The products found most popular on construction sites are Himoinsa’s 100KVA to 500KVA generators.

FG Wilson

FG Wilson designs and manufactures diesel and gas generator sets. Its most popular generators used in construction sites range from 60KVA to 500KVA. However, the company offers gensets from 10KVA to 2200KVA to meet customer demand. All these are required as sound attenuated and weather proof canopied generators.

FG Wilson offers technical support from pre sales and after sales support for installation, commissioning, and undertaking of AMC contracts. The company’s business comes from the Middle East region including Iraq and Afghanistan.


Cummins is an international company that designs and manufacturers power generation equipment. Generally, the company offers gensets between 15KVA and 500KVA. The 250KVA to 500KVA range is used during construction for powering offices, cranes and other miscellaneous construction requirements.

Generators ranging from 500KVA to 3000KVA are used for permanent installations as back-up power to local utilities companies in most buildings. The major business for Cummins Middle East comes from Dubai, UAE. But the company has seen growth in business activity in Qatar, Bahrain and Oman.

Most construction work and activities last for two to three years; therefore Cummins believes that contractors prefer to rent generators for specific projects instead of owning the equipment and continuously moving it to new project locations where they incur hefty logistic costs.


Caterpillar provides gas-powerd generator sets from 9KW to 600KW and diesel-powered generator sets from 7KW to 16,200KW. It supplies these products to five GCC countries for which Al Bahar, a machinery and trading group in the Middle East, has the Caterpillar dealership.

Caterpillar has different models to cater the needs of the industry and for varied project requirements. Cat clean diesel engines are designed for thousands of hours of life before overhaul. Features like high-strength blocks, large bearing areas, steel backed aluminum alloy bearings and hardened crankshafts are a few examples of how Cat engines are designed to deliver long life cycles.

Atlas Copco

Altas Copco provides portable and stationary generators. Lately, the company has seen an increased activity in the larger 500KVA to 1000KVA power nodes, due to power shortfalls in some urban areas, but is still connected to contractors who require 20KVA to 275KVA ranges.

The company works with contractors in the UAE and Oman but, due to its size, Saudi Arabia has been Atlas Copco’s most prominent market. Its goal is to balance market penetration in the region through direct operations and localised dealers.

The company believes that there is a trend towards buying over renting, as only 25% to 30% of generators sold go to rental companies. But, it expects to see expansion of local and international rental companies emerging in the market.


Visa generators are present in all the African continent where today there is still a great demand for power generation because of the unstable networks, and are used in various applications.

Because of its long experience and product diversification, Visa SpA has been able to develop a specific series of gensets particularly suited for the African market. 

The “Cricket range” has a sturdy and compact structure able to face the harsh environmental conditions it is expected to work in. It is manufactured with primary brand components, comes exclusively with Perkins/FPT Iveco engines coupled to Stamford alternators and equipped with a Deep Sea controller; all of this offered at a competitive price due to its essential package.  

The canopy and base-frame have been designed to reduce shipping costs. In fact, the units are designed to be stackable to optimize space in a high cube container (up to 44 units can be shipped per container, depending on the models chosen). 

Another product suited to the African market is the soundproof Galaxy Series. A kit for high temperatures is available to mount on this soundproof version which is designed to give excellent unit performance, durability and longevity. It was developed for desert areas; dusty and sandy work sites where reliable equipment is critical. 

The “Powerfull Series” is also popular in Africa (ranging from 9.0 to 3000.0 kVA). A series of open units projected and manufactured to provide compactness and dependability in harsh conditions. 

In addition to these series, Visa SPA has supplied generators related to projects in the telecommunication sector with thousands of smaller-sized units (from 13.0 to 20.0 kVA) in recent years. Some of the specific technical characteristic of these are: oversized, on board fuel tanks to increase operating autonomy so the unit can have a longer run time in remote areas. 

A remote control system via GSM allows customers to start and stop the machine as if the operator were physically present in front of the control panel, as well as to monitor in real time the main parameters and alarms, identifying any possible anomalies and planning a timely intervention if needed.

Top manufacturers and distributors of Generators



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