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Top architectural firms in Ghana

The following are the top architectural firms in Ghana

Sutherland & Sutherland

Sutherland & Sutherland is an architectural firm that has been practising in the design space in Ghana since 1996, having grown from Ralph’s Studio – a creative design firm started in 1984.

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Sutherland & Sutherland has evolved into one of the respected architectural and project development firms in Ghana. The company offers a a comprehensive range of project requirements including site selection, master planning layouts, coordination of infrastructural design, architectural and landscape design, and project supervision.

The company’s projects demonstrate their strength of vision, concept development, the pursuit of technical excellence and providing the team leadership and coordination for bringing projects to a successful completion.


SPEKTRA is a leading firm of architects driven by the dynamic combination of designers and builders who share a potent vision easily distinguished in their creativity, strengths and special gifting.

The company provides the best design concepts for construction project focusing on on using the most current computer technology in its design process, both to understand the design and to communicate the design to their clients.

SPEKTRA offer expert services to the corporate, institutional, commercial and residential marketplace. The genesis of their design ideas stems from hours of research and familiarization with diverse variables of building sites. This guarantees a building/ structure that meets everyone’s expectations – developers, owner and users.

orthner orthner & associates – OOA

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  1. We are sub contractors based in Accra. Ghana who inked completeling of uncompleted projects. Suppliers of sand. Chippings. Pavement blocks and does the compound drive ways/ walkways works as well. Our WhatsApp number is +233246664864. Yours. Faithfully. HENRY. T.S. AMUZU

  2. How do you get to measure which firms are the top Arc firms in Ghana and i cant find my firm which is Government among the list?


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