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Zimbabwe’s construction industry sector has been one of the smallest in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA), according to the BMI Research. The latest growth estimates by BMI Research are in sync with projections by the Infrastructure Development Bank of Zimbabwe (IDBZ) that the southern African country invested only US $2bn in construction projects in the recent past.

The country has faced challenges fraught with labor unrest, substantial delays on some of the country’s major construction projects, as well as recent setbacks in the economy highlighting the need for better coordination and monitoring within the construction industry.

However, the Government’s ongoing National Development Plan and its continued commitment to public infrastructure investment will see a projected growth rate of 4.3% which will be highly brought about by the top construction companies in the country who have pledged dedication in delivery and efficiency of projects.

The following are the top construction companies in Zimbabwe

KW Construction

Having worked in the construction industry in Zimbabwe for four year as a building contractor, Kevin decided to follow his dream by taking a leap of faith in his passion in the construction industry and opening up KW Construction in 2012.

Since its first project which began with working on a luxury four, double story, townhouse development, now known as an exclusive property in Harare, dubbed the12 Princess Drive,  the company has recorded a remarkable progress and has become one of the leading private construction companies in the country.

KW Construction has since completed several more upmarket town house developments, worked on detailed residential renovations, industrial warehouse building and most recently branching out into project management where the team now works with skilled professionals including engineers, architects and designers.

Some of the remarkable projects they have pride themselves in include; construction of Mbano Manor Hotel, Shongwe Lodge falls, Warehouse renovations at Driptech, Harare among others.

More recently, Kevin established a specialist project management company to apply focused to the many construction projects that are under consideration in Zimbabwe as the country prepares to fulfill its potential in the region. To this end he partnered with Allan McDonald, who he had worked with on various projects in both Harare and Victoria Falls, to establish Wild & McDonald.

Pat Dunn & Company

Pat Dunn & Company is one of the leading construction companies in Zimbabwe established in 1969 by Patrick Dunn as a structural steel fabrication company.

Over the next thirty years, the business developed a reputation for delivering a high-end product, on time and on budget.The company’s growth has seen it embarking on large-scale projects such as building tobacco sales floors for companies like Dimon Tobacco, now known as Alliance One International in Tanzania and Malawi.

In the last five years, the company  partnered with a family friend and has since then expanded and continues to grow and diversify. This has, in part, been facilitated through a partnership with Comstructin 2014, which has allowed Pat Dunn & Co to expand its footprint beyond Zimbabwe, into Zambia and Mozambique. It has also acted as a catalyst for it to branch out beyond steel with the other construction related products.

Kalamain Construction

Kalamain Construction  is a leading Zimbabwean construction company providing bespoke concept to completion services established in 2015 by Andrew Kennedy and Gordon Monaghan based on values of integrity, sustainability, and human resource development.

Through combined decades of of experience in building, carpentry, electrics, and more, with a culture of dedication and hard work from both engineers, the company has been able to  fully understand our clients’ needs, and deliver creative solutions to client satisfaction while also creating a better infrastructure and skilled workforce.

Kalamain Construction offer concept to completion services, including design, and everything in between. In addition they balance efficiency with attention to detail, making sure that deadlines and budgets are met while producing quality structures.

The company also offer a full turnkey service, and have completed projects that include fuel stations, industrial warehousing, corporate offices, showrooms, residential buildings, and renovations.

Some of the major projects the company has embarked on include; Collaborating with Storagemart to bring to Zimbabwe the first affordable storage facility in the country and being the main contractor of the renovation and extension of the CFAO Motors showroom. CFAO Motors is the only VW retailer in Zimbabwe.

German Construction Pvt) Ltd

German Construction is a dynamic construction company which has a proven track record in creating and adding value to property portfolios for both property owners and tenants.

The company provides quality infrastructure development in the form of building of housing projects, office facilities and community centers. It accesses and transforms policy into tangible, yet accessible information, which is disseminated to all tiers of government and local community structures.

Over the years, German Construction has managed to have an excellent working relationships established with other key players in the industry, which have yielded great rewards.

The company puts emphasis on clear communication and follow through procedures ensures that client’s objectives are top priority in the planning and execution of all our processes.

Onel Electrical Engineering

Onel Electrical Engineering has been ranked as Zimbabwe’s leading Electrical Construction Companies with a well-established track record of successful delivery in the industry since its inception in 2000.

The firm  specializes in the following areas: Lighting and power installation system, Underground and overhead reticulation system, LV and HV transmission and distribution, Substation Construction, Security service (CCTV) System, PIR detection systems Fire detection and protection services, Communication systems i.e., intercom, nurse call e.t.c., Lightning protection systems, Emergency power supplies and lighting system, Building monitoring systems, Flood lighting, external and security lighting, Motor control centres, Pedestrian mall and street lighting, Standby Generators

Recent projects which are completed by Onel Electrical Engineering. Among them are Nivvle Workshop, Zimra Park Str Lighting, Ruwa Local Board, Agribank Bindura, Zimra Scanners Int/Airport, CNM-YBJ Consultants, Hills Vumba, Old Mutual House, Forbes Border Post, Reclon Consultants, and Norton General Hospital.

Onel’s commitment to deliver a professional service consistently, economically and timeously is the key to the group’s enviable growth record.

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  2. For affordable and reliable building materials supply which includes bricks, roofing tiles, pavers and pillars contact ZIMSTRONG INVESTMENTS ZW on 0780122664. I personally dealt with them in 2021 even now i still refer clients to them and they are very reliable..

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  8. I think the writer also omitted Manah Building Construction and Civil Engineering company. It is quite a reputable construction company with the prestige of constructing many influential personalities in Zim and i have dealt with them on a personal level. I can highly recommend because they are very professional

  9. I think the writer left out Delta Power Engineering. It has a clear track record on timeous delivery and quality of work. Try them in generators, solar system and all electrical systems of whatever scope

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