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Top drilling rigs companies in the world

The top drilling rigs companies in the world are some of the most reputable drilling rigs suppliers in the global market. Here are some of them:


Evangel International Machinery ltd is a Chinese company which manufactures top water drilling machines. Evangel offers truck cranes, rotary drilling rigs and horizontal directional rigs. Their standard operation system and a professional international sales team enable them to turn orders into final products and export them to approximately 30 countries and regions.

Quzhou Kaipu 
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Being one of the top manufacturers of water drilling rigs in china Quzhou Kaipu Machinery Equipment ltd offers hydraulic drill technology. The group is the largest manufacturer of Pneumatic Tools in the same trade in terms of production scale. The company is franchisee of Kaishan group. Compared to other trading companies,they can offer the most competitive price especially for big order.

Zhengzhou defy

Zhengzhou defy machinery is also one of the leading manufacturers in china. The company has manufactured water drilling rigs since 1970 where they have dedicated their work and has more than 40 years of experience in production and development which makes the product quality rank in the lead position at home and abroad. Their products are serving Africa, South America, Asia and many more.


Prodrill is another leading manufacturers of water drilling machines in Canada which offers DTH hammer and DTH bits, DTH pipe (tube), DTH sub adapters, RC hammers, bits, drill rods. Since our establishment in 1992, Prodrill has continued to provide quality custom tooling solutions to our valued customers. Applying innovative thinking to their products and manufacturing methods ensures their tooling is strong enough to stand up to the toughest HDD applications.


XCMG E-Commerce Inc Groups in china offers drilling rod, drilling diamond hit, truck crane. The company is a machinery manufacturer with over 70 years of experience. Over the years, they have grown to become the world’s most comprehensive construction machinery manufacturer and influential multinational company. In 2015, they were ranked No. 1 in China and No. 5 in global heavy equipment industry.

Lifewater Drilling Technology

Lifewater Drilling Technology, is a company that manufactures water drilling rigs in USA. The company was formed to redesign, improve and get the rig into use. The cable tool drilling rig, LDT 360 is the product of this long journey.  Designed for the purpose of supplying potable water in developing countries, the LDT 360 portable drilling rig is tough, reliable and capable of drilling through rock.

IMT international 

IMT is a large listed company in Italy, able to guarantee product quality such as their new method of water well drilling that allows us to stock the water directly under ground level avoiding contamination and evaporation. IMT is also able to increase the well diameter in order to have a higher output capacity as well as much more solid water well.

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Geomash manufactures water drilling rigs in Russia. The company offers portable drilling rigs. The is one of leading producers in Russia on production of the drilling rigs capable to provide different technologies of drilling.

Pride Engineering Company

Pride Engineering Company is a reliable manufacturer of quality drilling rigs for vertical and horizontal drilling, mini loaders, mini excavators, and cleaving complexes and equipment for screwing piles.

The history of their plant began in 2011, when the small-sized drilling rig was first made. They have since then grown to having their own design Bureau, making installations according to a specification of the customer. This approach significantly reduces the cost, making their installation is cheaper.

They follow new-technology of production, using European components and high-quality materials while their main advantage is an individual approach to solving problems of the client and the ability to manufacture equipment of any complexity.

The company advises clients to make choices based on the quality, technical characteristics and the service that you get.

Dando Drilling International

Dando Drilling International has a rich history of supplying drilling rigs and equipment across Africa from large water well rigs for government drilling schemes to small, compact rigs for major civil engineering projects.

One reason its rigs are so popular in Africa is that they can be specially designed for working in harsh working environments where elements such as extreme temperatures, difficult terrain, dust and sand may be encountered.


Hazeforage are manufacturer of world standard drilling rigs and oilfield equipment. They specialize in the design, manufacture, repair & maintenance of mobile drilling rigs, rig ancillaries (i.e. complete solid control systems, pressure control equipment, camp components), cementing and acidifying units.

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Dennis Ayemba
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