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People need safer and more comfortable places to live, and prices need to be reasonable. Precast construction is a cost-efficient, fast and sustainable building technology for large housing projects that doesn’t compromise on quality. The following are some of the top precast companies in the world.

BT Innovation

BT Innovation is an internationally recognized company providing solutions for forward-looking construction on the construction site and at the precast concrete plant. B.T.  innovation has customers in more than 70 countries all over the world, is well-established at international trade fairs, and is cooperating with trade partners in all essential markets.

As an independent and competent partner, B. T. innovation offers a wide variety of consulting services for the precast concrete industry. The range encompasses analysis, planning and realization of modern production plants. The company provides advice to precast concrete factories intending to expand their capacities purposefully or striving for a higher quality in their production, or offers advice and support in case of planned investments so as to avoid misdirected investments. The experienced staff members are specialists in the field of precast concrete production, have long-term, international  practical experience and engineering expertise.


The Precast industry is the main focus of Schiaslo-Spil’s program, with a wide range of forming machines and automated processing lines specifically designed for concrete and brick-based beams and lintels, panels, tunnel segments, poles, blocks and various customized elements, including insulated floors, reconstructed stones and sandwich walls. Schiaslo-Spil’s mission is to tailor automatic systems for the industrialized manufacturing of concrete products and masonry for turn-key projects for civil infrastructures, housing, commercial and industrial use.

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GRC Fiberton heat insulated facade panels are designed to solve your building’s wall, insulation and decoration needs in a fast, economical and environmentally friendly way. The thermally insulated facade panels, which are formed by composite of steel carcass facade cladding with stone wool, meet all the needs of the projects thanks to its fast assembly, the ability to provide unlimited form and texture thanks to its precise detail ability and eliminates the need for insulation. GRC Fiberton Thermal Insulated Wall panels offer significant advantages such as lightweight construction, ready-to-install delivery to the site and allowing for colorful production.


Peikko supplies a large selection of concrete connections and composite beams for both precast and cast-in-situ solutions in a wide variety of applications. Peikko’s innovative solutions make your construction process faster, safer, and more effective. 

Peikko has a strong focus on R&D. Peikko has introduced many new and innovative solutions to the markets, which, in time, have formed the common way of constructing. A good example of such a solution is the column connection made using column shoes and anchor bolts. Peikko actively participates in standardization work and large international research projects. Cooperation is made with leading research institutes.

Banagher Precast Concrete

Banagher Precast Concrete has been manufacturing precast concrete products since 1949 and bridge beams since 1965. We developed the industry standard ‘W’ beam in 2005 and the ‘MY’ beam in 2007 – we are the bridge beam experts.

The company’s team of expert Engineers and Estimators thrive on value engineering, when involved early in a project they can assist with designs and offer advice or alternatives which will optimise time efficiencies, cost savings, site safety and reduce carbon footprint without compromising your overall design.

The company offers a wide range of both standard and bespoke precast products and has the capacity to produce over 2.5 km of beams per week. Banagher only manufactures best in class products, quality and innovation.


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