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The following are top road construction companies in Nigeria

Setraco Nigeria Limited

Setraco Nigeria Limited is a leading engineering construction company with over 35 years working experience in delivering value-added civil and infrastructural projects. With projects executed successfully in over 20 states, and current presence in 15 states, Setraco has played a key role in developing Nigeria’s infrastructure.

Setraco was established in 1977 and started by constructing township and district roads in what was then Bendel State. Over the last thirty years the Company has rapidly grown to become one of the largest construction companies in Nigeria specialized in roads and bridges. With a presence today in around 20 states; Setraco has played a key role in developing Nigeria’s infrastructure as the Country strives towards becoming a developed nation.

The Company is also technically partnering with a number of leading design and consulting firms across the globe, which enables us to present our clients with cutting edge solutions for their needs.

Our projects involve the construction of asphaltic and surface dressed roads, the expansion and rehabilitation of existing roads, infrastructure projects and airport runways in various States across Nigeria.


Established in 1988, Hitech is currently one of the leading Building & Civil Engineering Contractors in Nigeria. In addition to headquarters offices in Lagos, we have regional offices located in Abuja, Ibadan and Benin City.

The combination of on-site professional management and office-based engineering, design and planning staff, equipped with advanced computerized facilities, has enabled Hitech to maintain itself in the forefront of Construction and Engineering Technology in Nigeria.

Innovate and introduce proven developments in design and planning staff, equipped with advanced computerized facilities, has enabled Hitech to maintain itself in the forefront of Construction and Engineering Technology in Nigeria.
Hitech is able to undertake a multitude of Civil Engineering/Building Projects and have adequate facilities for the construction of:

Roadworks, Bridges, Drainage & Concrete Structures

Land Reclamation, River Canalization & Dredging

Dams, Water Supply, Irrigation Schemes & Marine Installations

Airport runways and infrastructure

P.W. Nigeria Ltd

Originally founded in 1948 in Ireland, and later began operations in Nigeria in 1974, P.W. Nigeria Ltd. has now over 45 years of experience working in Nigeria, and throughout the West Africa region.

P.W. Nigeria Ltd. has an extensive modern fleet of construction equipment and a team of highly trained and professional staff. It is highly committed to the continued development of Nigeria. We boast a diverse portfolio comprising mining, earth moving, roads and bridges, airport runways, infrastructure development, water supply & sewage. These projects have not only helped grow local economies, but also improved the quality of life for the communities and people in the region.

The company has an unmatched combination of knowledge, skill, experience and customer commitment coupled with sound financial backing which elevates us as your number one partner in Nigeria and West Africa.

Efficacy Construction Company

Efficacy Construction Company is a Lagos Nigerian based Building Construction, Civil Engineering and Project Management Company that specializes in all Building Construction, Civil Engineering and Project Management Works.

Over the years, we have emerged to be a formidable and enviable construction firm in the Nigeria property development and real estate sphere.

Through its productive journey of over ten years, the company has relentlessly grown to be committed to meeting and satisfying one of the most fundamental desires on the hierarchy of human needs.

The company emerged amidst the storm of 2009 economic recession, maiden with sales of landed properties to friends and families, and is still standing firm with both foot on ground amidst the tide of the current economic situation in Nigeria.

Efficacy Construction Company cover numerous applications for large-scale civil engineering and infrastructure projects because of their high value proposition and high level of expertise.

The civil engineering and infrastructure markets offer very significant growth prospects, given the rapid development of urbanization and the difficulties surrounding access to comfortable environment experienced by a large part of the world’s population, especially in emerging countries like Nigeria.

ECC provides a wide range of specific solutions for these markets: structurally sound buildings and tremendous view for major architectural projects; and reinforcement grid for transportation infrastructure.

Sapient Vendors Ltd

Sapient Vendors Ltd has an exceptional track records over the past 10 years of providing practical engineering solutions to construction projects across diverse industries. This has positioned them as one of the top 100 fastest growing SMEs in Nigeria and one of the fastest growing and innovative companies in Africa.

Sapient offer engineering services for all types of roadway projects including major interstate facilities, state and county roads, intersection/ interchange improvements, and resurfacing/ rehabilitation. We use an interdisciplinary team approach to provide a quality product that is delivered on time and within the budget.

The company offers road construction services that help client understand the behavior of road materials in relation to expected loads and deterioration mechanisms. They have the experience and expertise to test and assess the performance and durability of road materials and products.


Dantata&Sawoe is a leading construction company in Nigeria with over 40 years working experience in delivering value-added civil and infrastructural projects in Nigeria. Over the years the company has constructed several hundred kilometers of highways and township roads and dozens of bridges and flyovers.

Dantata&Sawoe specializes at accomplishing complex projects that require the highest level of technical proficiency.  They have become a trusted construction company to their esteemed clients and in the Nigerian business sector which has in return positively affected the construction industry through their innovative and quality services deliverance.

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