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Home Company Reviews BT Steel Door; Quality door supplied by experienced manufacturers

BT Steel Door; Quality door supplied by experienced manufacturers

BT STEEL DOOR does not compromise on design and security, is one of the world famous Kayseri steel door companies with responsibility and years of experience of developing special customized products for clients.

With this confidence, all their customers recommend their brand. With their newest models, the lock, sheet, wood and accessories used in the steel doors that will protect the safety of clients and lifespan and property determine both durability and long life of the product.

At this point, they take care to provide the quality and standards that conscious and value-conscious consumers will seek, and the company support this with their TSE and ISO 9001 quality with two year guarantee.

The company, aims to reach the best level for consumers with its price and benefit ratio and to reach maximum level in terms of both price and trust. BT Steel Door, keeping the quality and aesthetics in the forefront, continues production in Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone in a closed area of ​​5.000m² in accordance with national and international standards.

BT Steel Door, R & D studies with products at the most affordable price to realize the most secure and stylish production is another goal. Moreover, its objective is to represent their country under the name of quality products as the company contributes to the national economy with its exports.

To be a reliable enterprise the company keeps the satisfaction and trust of their customers always at the forefront, using raw materials and resources in the most efficient way, anticipating the needs of the society, focused on production, having a strong brand prestige with its high level of service and product quality as it fulfills its responsibilities towards its customers and employees. Altogether, in order to respond to the demands of BT STEEL DOOR consumers, every day the firm develops itself and continues Research-Development works.

The company is open to change, and it continuously develops as it sets criteria with researcher and innovative structure. Besides, it attaches importance to customers’ expectation, satisfaction, and also provides full support until the end while offering after sales services to its customers.

Having a well-trained and talented team, customer-friendly brand that constantly improves its competitive power through cost-cutting efforts, has helped it to create awareness in the whole world market with a positive synergy with its customers, suppliers and employees. This has always been known for its products and services in international standards.

Reasons to choose BT Steel Door products:


Everyone wants to have the best steel door in their house thus the company manufacturer solid and safe steel door. That’s why when you buy a steel door you want to be sure of the strength of the steel door, make sure the steel door has a safety certificate against theft.

Water, air and wind insulation

BT Steel doors prevent air and water passages in harsh climates. Thanks to the heat insulation, hot or cold air is prevented from entering or leaving the houses by means of heat bridges.

Sound insulation

It is the type of insulation made to minimize the negative effects of sound. Controlling the propagation of sound in the environment is the most important purpose of sound insulation. For this reason, it is important to reduce the maximum sound permeability of your steel door.

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