Namibia to construct US $1.7m resource centre in Nkurenkuru

Resource centre Namibia

Namibia has set aside US $1.7m for the construction of a multi-purpose youth resource centre in Nkurenkuru in Kavango West region. The announcement was made by the Minister for Sport, Youth and National Service, Erastus Uutoni, during a site handover for the envisaged centre at the town. The budget for the project has been spread over the next two financial years.

The youth resource centre project

The first phase of the project includes the fencing off of the 21-hectare piece of land for the centre, that is to have components such as a conference facility, library, tailoring workshop and computer room, has already commenced.

“First we envisaged a youth-friendly facility and venue for youth-driven activities; secondly we envisaged that it serves as a facility for structured directorate programmes such as short courses in basic skills in ICT, tailoring, business management, gymnasium and conferences in various disciplines,” Uutoni said.

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Empowering and developing the youth

Mr. Uutoni further added that the Ministry of Sport, Youth and National Service believed that empowering and developing the youth was the most crucial role for any given country. The minister noted that the project will provide a safe, structured and inclusive setting that focuses on a broad range of developmental needs that can best serve the needs of young people.

While recognising the challenges faced by the youth on a daily basis, he stressed the government’s commitment to address their plight and assured that government will try its best to provide support and guidance at all times. The minister also allayed fears by the community over similar incomplete projects that have previously been initiated by the government, promising that he will personally ensure that work on the facility is completed as scheduled.

He encouraged the community, local authority and regional leadership to work together and give a helping hand to the already existing plans. He thanked the council for availing land to the ministry for the construction of the centre, saying it has always been his call, since joining the ministry, to local authorities to take a lead in the development of the youth and recreational activities for residents.


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