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Tarmacking works on Murang’a road in Kenya resume

Tarmacking works on Murang’a road in Kenya has resumed. This is after Kenya Rural Roads Authority (KeRRA) and three water companies arrived at an agreement over relocation of pipes which had hindered continuation of the project.

The firms, Kahuti Water and Sanitation Company, Murang’a South Water and Sanitation Company and National Irrigation Board had accused S.S. Mehta the contractor working on the Kagaa-Kiruri road of destruction of pipes subjecting the companies to huge losses.

The firms claimed that residents who got water from them had gone for weeks without the basic commodity after several pipes were destroyed. This made the contractor to halt construction of the road after Kahuti water moved to court seeking compensation for the pipes destroyed.

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A truce

The County Development Implementation Committee (CDICC) said that a truce was made thereby allowing construction of the 41km road whose aim is to open the agriculturally rich area, whose roads had become deplorable over the years; to proceed.

KeRRA Central region Manager Engineer Wanjoi said that they will compensate part of the damages and the water firms will take responsibility of relocating the pipes which were almost in the middle of the road. “The people of this area need both water and the road. The pipes which are placed more than three feet deep in the ground will be spared but those about one foot deep would need to be relocated. The contractor said he would assist to dig trenches to relocate some of the affected pipes and the firms would deploy their technicians to assist in connecting the pipes,” said Engineer Wanjoi.

The road which is 70% complete and connecting Nyoka nyoka road and areas bordering Aberdare forests, will come as a big relieve to dairy and tea farmers who transport their produce to markets. It is part of the ongoing infrastructural development in the country.


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