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Top 7 longest bridges in the UK

Some of the longest bridges in the world are located in the UK Over the past century, the UK has seen exponential growth in its economy. In addition, the country’s construction industry has also seen a boom in terms of money spent as well as iconic structures that have come up over the years. Below we look at the top 7 longest bridges in the UK.

1. Bromford Viaduct


With a total length of 5,600m, the Bromford Viaduct is the longest bridge in the UK. The bridge carries the M6 motorway between Castle Bromwich and Gravelly Hill along the River Tame valley in Birmingham, England. The Bromford Viaduct has 3.5 miles elevated section above the motorway which makes it the longest viaduct in Great Britain.

Bromford Viaduct is just one-quarter mile longer than Second Severn Crossing and was constructed between 1964 and 1972.

2. The Second Severn Crossing

The Second Severn CrossingThe Second Severn Crossing

The Second Severn Crossing is officially called the Prince of Wales Bridge and crosses over the River Severn and connects England and Wales. The bridge is not far from Bristol and Newport. Second Severn Crossing has a length of 5128m and was completed in1996. The bridge was mainly constructed to ease traffic over the Severn Bridge.

Second Severn Crossing is part of the M4 moving from West London to Northwest of Swansea and crosses over estuary wetlands that have numerous bird species. Before its construction, the bridge drew protests from environmentalists but studies have proved that both the bridge and the traffic have had very little impact on the birds.

3.Tay Rail Bridge

Tay Rail Bridge

Tay Rail Bridge crosses the Firth of Tay in Scotland and connects Dundee with the Fife suburb of Womit. The current railway bridge replaced the first Tay Bridge that collapsed due to strong winds. The first bridge was completed in 1878 and was a single-track bridge. The bridge is around 10,709 feet long.

4. The Queen Elizabeth II Bridge

The Queen Elizabeth II Bridge

The Queen Elizabeth II Bridge is part of the Dartford Crossing and is one of the many bridges named after the British monarch. The bridge  is a major crossway along the River Thames in England. The Queen Elizabeth II Bridge carries the A282 road between Dartford in Kent to the south with Thurrock in Essex to the north.

The bridge is 9,422.5 feet and its construction started in the late 80s. It was mainly constructed to reduce traffic on the Dartford Crossing tunnels. At the time of its launch in 1991, The Queen Elizabeth II Bridge was the longest cable-stayed bridge in the world.

4. Queensferry Crossing

The Queensferry is the third bridge to be constructed across the Forth River in Scotland. The 7,700 feet long bridge has three cable-stayed towers measuring 659 feet each.  The bridge’s construction started in 2011 and ended in 2017. The Queensferry Crossing is built next to the existing Forth Road Bridge and carries the M90 motorway.

5. Forth Bridge

Forth Bridge

The Forth Bridge is a cantilever railway bridge across the Firth of Forth in the east of Scotland. The bridge is located 9 miles (14 kilometers) west of Edinburgh City Centre. The iconic Forth Bridge is was voted Scotland’s greatest man-made wonder in 2016 and is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The bridge is a symbol of Scotland culture and tradition. The Forth Bridge is a brainchild of English engineers Sir John Fowler and Sir Benjamin Baker.

6. Humber Estuary Bridge

Humber Estuary Bridge

The Humber Bridge is 2,220 meters long and located near Kingston upon Hull, England.  The single-span suspension bridge was launched in June 1981 and it was the longest bridge of its type in the world. The Humber Bridge was only overtaken in 1998 with the launch of the Akashi Kaikyō Bridge.

7. Cromarty Bridge

Cromarty Bridge

This is a road bridge that crosses over the Cromarty Firth in Scotland and one of the longest bridges in the UK. The bridge goes all the way to a junction with the B9163 to the south in Ross and Cromarty with a junction with the A862 to the north at Ardullie Point. The Cromarty Bridge is very visible from the north from the Far North Line.

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  1. The Queen Elizabeth Bridge was never “called” the Dartford Tunnel. It is alongside the tunnel.

  2. Your picture of the Bromford Viaduct is actually the Bang Na expressway interchange in Thailand, definitely not Birmingham


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