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HIMOINSA was founded in 1982 and set out to offer power generation solutions capable of satisfying continuous, clean and efficient energy supply needs for customers in southeast Spain and the surrounding area. By providing world-class products that deliver the best experience possible to their customers, they later expanded their presence to more than 100 countries across five continents.

The company is established as a worldwide benchmark among manufacturers of gensets. With outputs ranging from 3 to 3,000kVA, they have been designed to provide both standby and continuous power. Their ultra-silent enclosures feature curved edges corners, with a 25 mm double radius of curvature. Internally lined with rock wool, an insulation material with outstanding acoustic and thermal properties, HIMOINSA gensets lead the market in terms of quality. Designed for exposure to extreme environmental conditions, they are highly waterproof and protected from any contact with water and moisture.

Its comprehensive offering of diesel generators is complemented by a full range of gas generators, from 8 Kw to 3.5 MW, using a variety of gas fuels such as natural, biogas and LPG. HIMOINSA has designed a full range of lighting towers, called Apolo Range. Its lighting towers are compact, robust, and versatile and offer extended autonomy. With a ligting capacity of up ti 1.320.000 lumens, some of the towers in the APOLO Range can light up an area of 110.000 suare meteres and have 166-hours autonomy, equivalent to 17 nights without being refuelled.

According to HIMOINSA Sales & Marketing director, Guillermo Elum, their products are available in the African Market through their subsidiary in Angola and designated agents across Africa.
Guillermo also added that their products are unique and fit the African environment in that they are heavy and able to work with high and low temperature and to bear the extreme conditions.

“We see a growing investment behavior in East Africa. Countries are investing more and more in their infrastructure. With major powerprojects in process it is still difficult to cope with the increasing population and demand. We do not only want to increase our business but we feel with our products we must contribute by providing a solution to the energy shortage. We are currently selling generators into whole of Africa. But are now actively pushing into east Africa and creating new distribution channels” says Ramy Mohy el Dine, HIMOINSA Business Development Director in Eastern Africa.

Particularly noteworthy in Africa is the recent start-up of an energy generation plant in Angola, designed by the Angolan Ministry of Energy and Water (MINEA).

Power Plant
HIMOINSA power generation plant set for supply the Cassaque pumping station in Angola

The project is designed to generate 25MW PRP and deliver 20MW of continuous power to the grid, with 15,000 volts at 50 Hz. At the same time, it supplies the Cassaque pumping station in the town of Zango IV on the Kwanza River. A total of 18 gensets have been installed, nine model HMW 1785 T5 units and nine model HMW 2200 T5 units.





Guillermo Elum

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