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The Off-Highway industry is an earthmoving science. It has been in operation since the earliest recorded history of mankind. Even some of the most powerful and sophisticated modern equipment will not function without proper lubrication.

Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine Oils

Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine Oils represent the group of lubricants designed especially for trucks, commercial vehicles including buses and agricultural and heavy-industry machinery, such as that used in mining. Lubrita DEO (Diesel Engine Oils) is formulated to meet and exceed the performance requirements of many of today’s off-highway engines. It provides superior soot handling and acid neutralization capabilities, making it suitable for modern diesel engines.

The company’s heavy-duty diesel engine oils deliver fuel savings, offer protection for longer equipment life, improved efficiency through synthetic oil technology, and extended ODI (oil drain intervals).

Lubrita DEO EHPX ECO 15W-40

Heavy-duty diesel engine oil suitable for use in older, conventional (non-EGR) on and off-highway engines require monograde API CF performance. It is also particularly suited for older two-stroke engines which require low-ash chemistry. The company’s offers wide range of monogrades like Lubrita HDX SAE 30, 40, 50.

Lubrita DEO HDX 30

Lubrita DEO HDX 40

Lubrita DEO HDX 50

Hydraulic oils

The company’s hydraulic oils are engineered to resist thermal and oxidative breakdown, provide extended drain intervals, protect against equipment wear and also minimize sludge and varnish deposits for smoother hydraulic equipment performance. The hydraulic pump is the heart of any hydraulic system and their Hydroflow lubricant technology extends hydraulic pump life even under the severest operating conditions.

The company’s hydraulic oils help transmit power in the most effective way, ensuring reliable air release, filter-ability and cleanliness, with a choice that can help to optimize your system’s efficiency and operating costs. To meet the challenges of a wide range of hydraulic equipment and applications, Lubrita International has designed a portfolio of fluids that enables you to choose hydraulic fluids to match your needs best. Lubrita’s hydraulic oils, lubricants and fluids offer the very best quality and high-viscosity index.

Lubrita Hydroflow ZF HC3 HVLP 46

Lubrita Hydroflow MG3 HVLP 46

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