NEOM Unveils Raffles Trojena: A Mixed-use Destination Resort in the Mountains of Trojena

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Raffles Hotels and Resorts, a leading luxury brand of Accor, and NEOM have partnered together to unveil plans for Raffles Trojena. The resort is expected to be in Trojena, the year-round mountain destination in the Gulf of Aqaba. Construction of the resort is expected to commence soon with its opening slated for 2027. The resort will re-imagine mountainside hospitality, the first of its kind in the world. It will offer guests unprecedented access to explore and discover the beauty of the Gulf of Aqaba. Omer Acar, the CEO of Raffles Hotels and Resorts shared insight on their collaboration with NEOM. “We are thrilled to be collaborating with NEOM on the creation of this architecturally significant resort in the mountains of Trojena. It will showcase the very best in modern luxury hospitality and facilitate the commitment of Raffles to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.’ he said.

The Uniqueness of Raffles Trojena as a Resort in the Mountains of Trojena

Raffles TrojenaRaffles Trojena is the first of its kind in the world, being positioned among the mountains in Trojena. It offers stunning scenic views of the surrounding destination from every vantage point. The resort features a unique and ring-shaped design which will ensure architectural aesthetics. It is set to include 105 guestrooms. These guestrooms will be arranged around the perimeter of the ring, offering guests exquisite comfort. This is in addition to unobstructed vistas and ensuring privacy. The design of the resort also aims to encourage exploration and discovery with circular zones and landscaped gardens.  The roof will host an array of circular apertures, which will allow for ample natural light to illuminate the resort. Furthermore, the resort will also feature significant hallmarks for which the renowned hospitality brand is famed. This includes exquisite butler services, exceptional culinary offerings, and an emphasis on destination culture and arts.

The Location of the Mixed-use Destination Resort in the Mountains of Trojena

The NEOM Hotel Division has shared insight that the newest addition to NEOM’s projects, Raffles Trojena, will be located in the Discover Cluster. The Discover Cluster is one of the six distinct clusters that will make up the mountain destination. The cluster is rooted in exploring the natural world as it includes the Discovery Tower, an elegant tower. The monumental high-rise building also features an open-air museum. It also includes the Observatory, a peak panoramic viewpoint that features Trojena’s landscape and view. Furthermore, it hosts the Cosmic Gate, an astronomical park that features a stargazing camp in it. At the moment, NEOM is a region that is being shaped by several giga-projects that are set to serve as the new model for sustainable living.

The Anticipation of Raffles Trojena is Evident

Chris Newman, the Executive Director of the NEOM Hotel Division insighted that it is a credit to Trojena as a destination to have Raffles Trojena in their portfolio. He shared his insight that the project offers visitors the opportunity to experience luxury at its best. The boundaries of architectural excellence continue to be stretched and pushed with new projects being unveiled, one of them is Raffles Trojena.

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