$500B NEOM Aims to Redefine the Future of Livability, Business and Conservation Through its Construction Projects.

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NEOM will be at the annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland from the 15th-19th of January to discuss their main project agendas. The construction company has unveiled some of the most ambitious projects ever seen. This is the second year the company is hosting the convention at their headquarters branch in Davos. The convention aims to offer the public a chance to learn from the leaders who are accelerating human progress through their projects. Some of their most ambitious projects unveiled include Trojena Dam, Epicon Towers, Norlana, and the recent plans for Aquellum. Aquellum is expected to be the world’s first floating marina. Guests will travel through a concealed underground canal before reaching a hidden community. The NEOM convention aims to discuss some of the major projects that have been unveiled. It also aims to discuss how the project will revolutionize human endeavors to better people’s lives.NEOM's Convention

NEOM’s Trojena Dam Aims to Maintain Biodiversity and Natural Aesthetics of the Mountains

The main Trojena dam will have a length of 475 meters and a height of 145 meters at its crest. The dam will be built using 2.7 Million cubic meters of roller compact concrete. 650,000 cubic meters of RCC will also be used to construct a dam within the planned lake. This will create an island below the water level. The dam is expected to have a kidney-like shape and will have a height of 38 meters. The dam will also be 700 meters in length and will be connected to the nearby Lake Village through an underground tunnel. The three dams are expected to create the central lake at the Trojena Mountains resort. The project is expected to be an exquisite tourist destination. It will also host the Winter Asian Games in 2029.Trojena Dams

NEOM’s Epicon Towers Aims to Reshape the Definition of Livability in the Deserts of Saudi Arabia

NEOM aims to redefine livability and redefine the relationship of its projects with nature. This is one of the major milestones the Epicon Towers aim to achieve. The luxurious residences and beach villas will deliver new levels of livability through cutting-edge innovations, world-class services, and first-class experiences. It will also position the resort as a benchmark for iconic living. The project will also define The destination along the coast of the Gulf of Aqaba which comprises three hotels offering a total of boutique rooms and suites. Apart from the Epicon Towers project, the client company seeks to construct other hotels within its scope. This includes the Adventure Hotel that Metropolitan Architecture is designing. The project will be constructed on a cliff top surrounded by valley sides. The building structure will ascend the mountain wall in the form of a staircase.Epicon Towers project

The Importance of the Convention in Davos, Switzerland.

The vision of NEOM is to become an accelerator of human development and to push limits. It aims to push the limits by redefining livability, business as well as conservation. The company takes pride in being a part of some of the largest projects that will revolutionize the construction industry. The projects will also push the boundaries between possible and impossible. The scale of the projects that NEOM has has never been seen anywhere around the world. The convention that NEOM will host will explain the scope of the projects, the aim of these projects, and their uniqueness.

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