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The third phase of the South Bay Project in Dubai South has been launched by leading developer, Dubai South Properties. The milestone achievement follows the successful selling out of the first two phases which had 400 units.

Quite impressively, the development’s third phase features about 200 townhouses and villas. Moreover, the homes are available in a mix of three and four-bedroom townhouses. The residences will also be available in four and five-bedroom semi-detached villas. Alongside, five, six, and seven-bedroom standalone, waterfront mansions.

According to official reports, the semi-detached villas as well as townhouses will receive an upgrade to interiors, such as marble flooring. Furthermore, the homes will include rooftop access (sky garden), and built-in-fully-equipped kitchens. Residents will also experience lush views from their homes as the development is connected to the central park. Moreover, it is within convenient proximity to a state-of-the-art fitness centre and clubhouse.

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The South Bay Project in Dubai Strives To Offer An Exceptional And Luxurious Lifestyle

While commenting on the project, the CEO of Dubai South Properties said that the development strives to provide an exceptional and high-quality lifestyle. In extension, Nabil al Kindi added, the residential project and district, both aim to contribute towards enriching the real estate sector, especially, with more unique developments.

Earlier, in the month, the project’s developer appointed Ginco General Contracting. Since then, the firm began work on the residency’s initial phases. By Q1 2026, the AED1 billion development target is to have completed construction works.

Upon completion, the entire South ay Development will include up to 800 spacious townhouses and villas. Alongside over 200 luxurious and unique waterfront mansions, as well as multiple beaches, lush parks, and fitness centres. Furthermore, it will feature over 3 kilometres of a waterfront promenade alongside a 1-kilometer-long crystal lagoon. In regards to amenities, the development will also include kids’ clubs, swimming pools, water parks, a lake park, and a shopping mall.

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Jul 2022

South Bay Master Development in The Residential District of Dubai South Launched

The South Bay master development in The Residential District of Dubai South has officially been launched. Located in a strategic location on Expo Road, the project will feature townhouses and villas, and waterfront mansions.  

In particular, the South Bay master development in The Residential District of Dubai South will feature over 200 waterfront mansions and 800 villas. The homes will be spread across a built-up area of 1,207 meters squared.

The semi-detached villas and townhouses will be available in 3,4, and 5-bedroom homes. The mansions will be available in 5,6 and 7 standalone villas. All the mansions will be on the waterfront.

Amenities at the South Bay Master Development 

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The South Bay master development will also boast more than 3 kilometers of a waterfront promenade. Additionally, a 1-kilometre-long crystal lagoon will be included. Furthermore, the development will host an array of world-class amenities. These will include a fitness complex and a shopping mall. alongside a lake park. A water sports club, waterfront cafes, and swimming pools will also be available.

The South Bay master development will also leverage its proximity to the Expo 2020 Metro station. This line on which the station is was built to access that part of Dubai South, offering a viable public transport option for those coming from the main city.

The project was launched by Dubai South PropertiesThe company’s spokesman stated that the project’s launch is another addition to its successful portfolio. He further noted that the South Bay master development is an ideal option for those seeking quality living with world-class amenities.

The spokesman concluded by noting that the firm is pleased to be aligned with Dubai’s mission. This mission mentioned is transforming Dubai into the best place to work, live and visit.

Jun 2023

Contract for South Bay Development at Residential District in Dubai South awarded

A construction contract worth US$ 272M has been awarded for the South Bay Development at Residential District in Dubai South. The contract was awarded by a leading developer, Dubai South Properties, to Ginco General Contracting.

The development will come up right in the heart of the residential district that is right along Expo Road within Dubai South. It will feature 800 spacious townhouses as well as villas. Moreover, the development will also include 200 luxurious waterfront mansions, fitness centres, and lush parks. In addition to over 3 kilometers of a waterfront promenade, a clubhouse as well as a 1-kilometre-long crystal lagoon.

South Bay Development offers a fulfilling and vibrant lifestyle

In a nutshell, South Bay strives to offer a unique range of spacious townhouses, mansions, and villas, in a picturesque waterfront destination. At an estimate, the semi-detached villas and townhouses span a built-up area ranging from 2,900 up to 5,500 square feet. The units will be available across three, four, and five ensuite bedrooms.

Meanwhile, the South Bay Development Project’s luxurious mansions will include standalone villas. The spectacular homes will be available in five, six, and seven-bedroom layouts. Moreover, the built-up area of the units ranges from about 9,000 to 14,000 square feet.

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While commenting on the project, the Chairman of Dubai Aviation City Corporation and Dubai South revealed that the development’s first two phases are fully sold out. Khalifa Al Zaffin further said that the South Bay Development Project strives to create an environment that promotes convenience, a sense of luxury, and comfort.

Its amenities will include a renowned spa, waterparks, a lake park as well as a shopping mall. Additionally, residents will also have access to waterfront cafes and a private beach. As a whole, the residential development incorporates exceptional facilities that aim to ensure a fulfilling and vibrant lifestyle.