Tecnimont Secures $1.1 Billion Algeria Petrochemical Plant Contract

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Italy’s Maire which is among the leading technology and engineering groups in Italy has issued an announcement that its main subsidiary, Tecnimont (Integrated E&C Solutions), has managed to secure a $1.1 billion Algeria Petrochemical Plant Contract for the provision of Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Commissioning (EPCC) works for.

According to the contract that was awarded by Sonatrach, Tecnimont has been tasked with the responsibility of constructing a linear alkyl benzene (LAB) plant in Skikda industrial zone that is situated just 350km east of the city of Algiers. LAB is relatively cost-effective and a biodegrable intermediate that is usually a raw material in the production of home detergents, cleaners, and even surfactants.

This massive petrochemical plant is expected to be completed in the year 2028. The EPCC contract entails a plant for raw materials for the industries that produce detergents and surfactants, allowing the manufacture of added-value chemicals from sources that are natural.

Capacity of the Plant as Required in the Algeria Petrochemical Plant Contract

The new LAB shall have a capacity of 100,000 tonnes annually. The scope of this project entails associated utilities, the offsite works, and lastly the interconnection works that will be done to the already existing facilities.

Sonatrach chose Tecnimont for the Algeria Petrochemical Plant Contract after conducting a thorough tendering process thanks to the companys good track record in project implementation and its long presence in the country, revealed a top official.

“It is indeed our honour to consolidate our impressive track-record with Sonatrach also considering the pre-existing strategic relationship that exists between these two countries in regards to the current global energy supply scenario,” stated Alessandro Bernini.

“This big achievement will strengthen further our footprint in this country (Algeria) and gives room for the volarization of the downstream petrochemical value chain, where indeed we are the undisputed world champion,” he added.

Other Tecnimont Projects in Algeria

Tecnimont has been involved in quite a number of contracts projects in Algeria other than the Algeria Petrochemical Plant Contract namely:

  • The EPC works of the BirSeba Phase II and Mouiat Outlad Massaoud Field Development Project. The contract of this project is priced at $400 Million. It is located in the Touggourt area, approximately 130 kilometers in the northeast of Hassi Messaoud.
  • A $248.5 million to construct a 4th liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) train located at the Hassi Messaoud gas field.
  • $600 million deals for the extraction and transport of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). Algerias national petrochemicals concluded a $400 million deal with Tecnimont for building of a liquefied petroleum gas plant that was supposed to be finished in a period of three years. The plant was purposed to have a capacity of 300 tonnes daily of condensate and 8.7 million cubic meters daily of gas. The Algerian pipeline company ENAC was also to construct a 65-kilometer conduit to connect the plant to a pre-existing transportation network in the east of the country. Sonatrach also made an announcement that it had finished reaching three other small-scale contracys for the LPG-related infrastructure and related equipment.

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