Calpine’s Nova Power Bank Nears Completion in Menifee California

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Construction works on one of the biggest battery storage facilities in the US, Nova Power Bank, are almost coming to an end on the site that as formerly utilized as a natural-gas fired power plant in Menifee southwest of Riverside County as the launch of first batteries at 680-MW California BESS site in 2024. US power producer Calpine Corporation expects to finalise the first three phases of its 680-MW battery energy storage project in Menifee, California, in the summer of 2024 and unveil the completed facility in 2025

Upon the completion of all the phases in the coming year, the upcoming mega Nova Power Bank battery energy storage facility is expected to be able to store power that is enough to keep a total of 680,000 homes supplied with power for a duration of up to four hours.

Contractor of the Project

The company known as Calpine that is based in Houston, is constructing the Nova Power Bank on a land of 43 acres that is located near the Interstate 15 and State Route 74, hosted lunch on Thursday for 100 workers who are working on the project.

“Calpine is spearheading the electric generation infrastructure in California and the whole country. The investments in upgrading the infrastructure of our energy are critical for achieving the dual objectives of both the grid dependability and climate sustainability,” stated Alex Makler, who holds the position of Calpine senior vice president for the West.

“The ambitious goals of California need a workforce that is both resilient and diverse to drive forward the progress of the clean energy vision of our state,” Makler emphasized. “Calpine is indeed very proud to partner with the Menifee community and our trade labor partners so as to ensure the launching of this cutting-edge battery energy storage project.”

This mega Nova Power Bank battery energy storage project is being constructed in a total of five phases, with the first phase being finished during summer. Just to mention, the Southern California Edison, Penisula Clean Energy, and also San Diego and Electric will put to use the energy storage and even discharge capabilities at Nova.

Significance of the Nova Power Bank

The battery storage units facilities like this (Nova Power Bank) one found in Menifee usually store an excess amount of energy capacity during seasons of high energy supply and low customer demand so as to release the stored energy during times when the customer demand is high like the hot summer evenings or cold winter nights. This usually helps in attaining grid reliability, its rate stability, and avoid the disruption of services all over the region.

Across the California region, Calpine alone has approximately more than 2,000 megawatts (2GW) of battery storage in development therefore making it among the highest in the United States of America.

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