Revving Up Progress for State Road 32 Construction Starting Monday in Noblesville

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Businesses and locals, in downtown Noblesville are gearing up for an increase in roadwork as crews prepare to start a project that will involve closing sections of State Road 32 construction beginning Monday.

The Nesst, a steakhouse located downtown opened its doors amidst the challenges of the pandemic, a period that led to the closure of businesses and eateries throughout Indiana.

Justin McGuire, the General Manager of The Nesst expressed the difficulties faced by businesses in spreading awareness and attracting customers during these times.

Fortunately The Nesst is situated at  location on the citys bustling square. However with the State Road 32 project set to pass by its doorstep there are concerns among staff about impact on customer traffic in the coming months.


McGuire mentioned that dealing with construction outside their establishment adds a challenge they must overcome to stay afloat.

Similar sentiments have been echoed by establishments along State Road 32 from 6th, to Streets as they brainstorm strategies to retain customers during the road closure.”We plan to host events, outside the restaurant to make up for the revenue loss. Additionally we will boost our social media presence to remind everyone that we are still open and accessible. Parking is convenient and affordable at the garage ” McGuire mentioned.


In addition roadworks are scheduled by INDOT to replace brick with pavement in different phases;

Phase 1; State Road 32 at Street

Phase 2; State Road 32 between Street and 14th Street

Phase 3; State Road 32 from 6th Street to 9th Street

Phase 4; State Road 32 from Lakeview Drive to 19th Street

Kyleigh Cramer, Director of Public Relations, at INDOT mentioned that this project will be completed swiftly.””I understand that some individuals may find it a bit lengthy. We are genuinely thrilled that we could accomplish all of this within a construction season.”


Officials, from INDOT have also emphasized their efforts in keeping the community informed through communication channels like social media, newsletters and a dedicated project website especially with multiple construction projects happening concurrently.

“In the days. There might be a learning curve for those unfamiliar with the project or not residing in Noblesville. However we are eagerly anticipating the outcome of our communication efforts ” added Cramer.


Each is expected to last about 30-45 days through the rest of the year.

Local businesses are optimistic that the new road will prove beneficial in the run and are requesting support, from customers during this period.

“I believe that once we get past this phase it will greatly benefit our restaurant. It’s a matter of getting through it at the moment ” McGuire expressed.

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