Thunder Ridge Nature Arena, ‘America’s Most Beautiful Outdoor Amphitheater’ Ready for Grand Opening

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After years of planning, development, and construction Thunder Ridge Nature Arena is set to open this May. This unique outdoor amphitheater aims to be America’s most beautiful outdoor amphitheater and to capture the essence of nature through an experience like receiving a heartfelt postcard from Mother Nature herself. It promises to be an awe-inspiring spectacle.

Thunder Ridge Nature Arena is situated in Ridgedale, Missouri, a short distance, from Branson. It perfectly blends the breathtaking beauty of the Ozarks, with its design that harmonizes effortlessly with the surrounding natural environment.

“We all love our beautiful Ozarks and feel deeply proud to be able to share the beauty of the place we are blessed to call home with others around the globe for generations to come,” said noted conservationist and Bass Pro Shops Founder Johnny Morris. Morris, the driving force behind Thunder Ridge, calls the project, “A gift to the people and heritage of the Ozarks.”

Nestled within 1,200 acres of Ozark wilderness the Thunder Ridge Nature Arena is an architectural wonder that seamlessly blends into its natural surroundings. Drawing inspiration from the plants and animals through biomimicry techniques this arena’s design creates a structure that harmoniously coexists with the environment. Within its walls lies an open-air concert venue accommodating, up to 18,000 spectators each treated to breathtaking views of the mountains and glistening Table Rock Lake.

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Above the arena stands the 12-story “Nature Tower”, housing VIP suites adorned with floor-to-ceiling windows. As daylight fades behind ridges and stage lights illuminate the night sky audiences are transported into a realm where music intertwines with nature. By merging top-tier entertainment with the beauty of the Ozarks, Thunder Ridge Nature Arena offers an experience that connects visitors to Earth’s primal rhythms. It goes beyond being a performance venue; it is a celebration of architecture and ecology, in harmony.

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Thunder Ridge Nature Arena Project Partners

ASM Global, a player, in the industry has been contracted to oversee and run the venue. They have also teamed up with Live Nation to organize music events. The upcoming opening of Thunder Ridge Nature Arena has already caught the eye of big-name artists, like Chris Stapleton, whose July performance sold out within minutes.

“We are thrilled, to partner with Johnny Morris in managing this extraordinary and one-of-a-kind venue ” stated Ron Bension, CEO of ASM Global. This incredible establishment goes beyond being a concert space; it serves as a destination in its own right. It offers a truly incomparable experience, to anything else.”

The Thunder Ridge Amphitheater was brought to life in the Branson, MO area fulfilling the dream of Johnny Morris, the owner of Bass Pro Shop. This magnificent amphitheater offers a chance to experience captivating performances by some of the worlds artists while enjoying breathtaking views of the majestic Ozark Mountains and Table Rock Lake.

“Thunder Ridge Nature Arena is set to become a must-visit destination, for artists according to Bob Roux, Live Nation’s President of U.S. Concerts. The breathtaking scenery, architecture, and overall atmosphere of the venue combine to create an experience, for all music enthusiasts.”

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Morris commits, to conservation and envisions the creation of an amphitheater that stands out as “America’s most beautiful outdoor amphitheater”. To achieve this he has donated the land, buildings, and infrastructure to a not-for-profit foundation dedicated to conservation.

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