$3B Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center Redevelopment Kicks Off: What to Expect

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The redevelopment of the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center, with a budget of $3 billion has officially kicked off.

A groundbreaking ceremony took place on June 26 to mark the beginning of the project. The planned enhancements include expanding exhibition halls by 76,000 feet doubling the ballroom space to 170,000 feet and nearly tripling meeting room space to 260,000 square feet.

Supporters believe that this development will boost tourism in the city and increase revenue. They also emphasize the potential for job creation. Creating connections between Downtown Dallas and South Dallas to foster shared prosperity and opportunities.

During construction parts of the facility will remain operational to ensure continuity in services. The morning groundbreaking event at Park at Gilley’s saw guests such as Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson, Jack Matthews from Matthews Southwest Rep. Angie Chen Button, Rosa Fleming from the city’s convention and event services department and former U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison.

Jack Matthews expressed optimism about this projects impact on the city by stating that todays groundbreaking ceremony themed ‘Connecting Communities signifies the start of a period, for our community.

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The growth of the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center Dallas, with a 2.5 million feet of modern programmable space enables us to host larger and more diverse events. This endeavor is not about increasing space; it involves reimagining the offerings of a convention center. We are establishing a neighborhood with spaces pedestrian friendly zones and new entertainment options. Such as dining and leisure activities linking downtown to South and southern Dallas. This initiative will promote engagement between visitors and locals in the Dallas economy while providing vibrant meeting spots for residents.

The Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center redevelopment project has been anticipated for a long time. And could encompass approximately 130,000 square feet of the former Dallas Morning News headquarters to prevent interference with potential developments related to a high speed rail system near the location.

The overall expansion of the convention center comprises seven elements. Inspire Dallas LLC, associated with Matthews Southwest leads as the project manager for the phase dedicated to enlarging convention center facilities.

McKissack & McKissack, an architecture, engineering and construction management firm based in Washington D.C. along with Dikita Enterprises Inc., a consulting firm from Dallas focusing on engineering services will supervise the restoration projects, for both the Dallas Memorial Arena and Black Academy of Arts and Letters.

Design, architectural and engineering firms have been invited to submit their qualifications, for the reconstruction of the Dallas Memorial Arena and Black Academy of Arts and Letters. The request opened on June 20 and will close on July 19.

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Completion of Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center Redevelopment

The construction work is expected to be completed by 2028 with an opening scheduled for 2029. The goal of the project is to enhance Dallas as a destination for conventions and conferences. It is anticipated that the revamped facility will significantly increase revenue and annual attendance.

Although some renovations are planned for the convention center arena located next to the building it will remain operational.

Rosa Fleming, the director of events and convention services highlighted that the renovation is geared towards increasing revenue, for Dallas city. The refurbishment will be carried out in stages to maintain the functionality and marketability of a section of the building.

Jennifer Scripps, CEO of Downtown Dallas Inc. expressed her belief that the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center redevelopment project will have an impact.

She highlighted that an estimated 3,500 to 4,000 additional hotel rooms will be required to meet demand, from visitors. These visitors engage in shopping activities dining out and seeking entertainment options. Additionally this projection does not include the existing 15,000 residents living downtown.
The proposed changes also involve adding spaces, around the convention center and creating more pedestrian friendly areas.

“It could help our economy grow ” mentioned Hutchison. “. Importantly I envision it benefiting local families giving them places to come together attend concerts and dine out.”
The Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center redevelopment project is set to finish by 2029. Over thirty events already scheduled to kick off at that time.

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