Why Hire a SPMT for Your Construction or Civil Engineering Project?

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Standard haulage vehicles such as HGVs, LGVs and flatbed lorries allow contractors to transport heavy objects and large volumes of materials quickly and with ease. However, when it comes to certain large-scale construction and civil engineering projects, the capacities of conventional haulage vehicles are simply insufficient.

If you find yourself in this situation, it’s worth considering whether an SPMT (Self-propelled Modular Transporter) would be better suited to your project’s logistical requirements. In the simplest terms, an SPMT is a platform vehicle with a large array of wheels, with the capability to transport massive objects or quantities of material that are too big for standard trucks.

Here are six reasons why hiring an SPMT may be the optimal choice for your next project:

Greater Strength and Capacity

Perhaps the most obvious advantage SPMTs can offer is far greater strength and a larger capacity than any standard haulage vehicle. They are designed to carry abnormal loads and the very heaviest construction and engineering cargos. In order to give you a sense of scale, SPMTs are used to transport large ships, sections of bridges, oil rigs and even spacecraft!

It was a pivotal moment for the construction and engineering sector when German manufacturer Scheuerle built the very first SPMT in the 1980s in conjunction with Mammoet. Nowadays, SPMTs are frequently used in the construction, oil, shipyard, offshore and road transportation industries, to name just a few.

Superior Maneuverability

Despite being much larger than any other type of haulage truck, modern SPMTs provide a surprising level of maneuverability. Some models include 360° steering systems and the deck can be raised or lowered at will, allowing large cargo to be moved around sites with ease. Indeed, the flexibility of movement offered by a modern SPMT far exceeds what you might expect from such a colossal and powerful machine!

Complete Customisation

What’s more, SPMTs can be configured with as many or few axle lines as the job requires. They can be set up to support a wide range of tasks, from transporting single-item heavy loads, through to more complex logistical movements.

Your latest project may require you to carry a heavy reactor, bridge spans, or a large aircraft. Providing you have a sufficient number of axle lines, the size and weight of objects you can transport via SPMT is practically limitless!

Reduced Disruption

When it comes to large bridge repair and construction projects, disruption to traffic can be significantly reduced thanks to SPMTs. Normally, delays can last several days when the demolition, repair or construction of a bridge is required. However, with the help of SPMTs, the structure can simply be built offsite, then carried into place via transporter.

Improved Safety

A further benefit of off-site construction, which is made possible by hiring an SPMT is improved safety. Construction crews are able to work safely and uninterrupted, whilst motorists are less exposed to work zone hazards on the roads.

What’s more, working off site allows contractors to avoid any overhead height restrictions, which can make crane operations more challenging and dangerous. With offsite staging, contractors can work in daylight hours.

Time and Costs Savings

Finally, one of the greatest benefits delivered by hiring an SPMT is the drastic savings on time and labour costs. Thanks to this incredible technology, it is possible for complete bridge structures to either be removed or maneuvered into place in a matter of minutes.

Entire structures can be built off site and placed instantaneously as opposed to using a piecemeal development method. This saves the need to disrupt traffic with many smaller haulage trucks carrying components to the site.

We hope you found our article useful and are now a little more familiar with SPMTs, their applications and the benefits they can bring to construction and civil engineering projects.

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