10000MW of electricity in Nigeria to be developed through Power Africa program

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The US government has affirmed its commitment to the development of 10000MW of electricity in Nigeria. This will reportedly be carried out through its partnership program, Power Africa.

The assurance was given when the US-led Power Africa Coordinator, Mark Carrato, met with Nigerian government officials, service providers, federal regulators, and other development partners, as part of the itinerary for his four-day official visit to the country.

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Additional 3M individuals to have access to energy once the 10000MW of electricity in Nigeria is installed

According to a statement from the US Embassy in Abuja, Carrato is there to evaluate the difficulties faced and the progress made in stepping up electrification operations in Africa’s most populous nation.

According to data from the Federal Ministry of Power, the country’s peak electricity production right now is 4,211.10MW. Carrato estimates that 3 million more people will have access to energy once the ten thousand megawatts of electricity are installed.

He expressed his pride in the fact that Power Africa had helped Nigeria add 1.4 million new off-grid connections. The statement partly reads. “Power Africa has so far taught over 4,000 Nigerians in technical energy disciplines. Coordinator Carrato noted on how inspiring it is to observe the use of these new skills and resources.

From companies who develop investor pitch skills and can now bargain with funders. At the Quarterly Off-Grid Stakeholders Meeting, where private sector businesses and the Rural Electrification Agency (REA) work to expand access to power, it was amazing to sense the excitement and passion of the off-grid sector.

Along with regulators and distribution companies, he also reviewed data management systems built by Power Africa. As well as national metering programs, and attempts to sustain the power industry. The trip is part of a bigger regional tour of Power Africa projects in West Africa.”

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