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Monorail project to be constructed in Egypt’s New Administrative Capital

Hill International has been awarded a contract to provide project management, design review, and implementation supervision services for the New Administrative Capital City and 6th of October City Monorail project in Egypt. Built by Egypt’s National Authority for Tunnels, the estimated US $4bn project represents the first monorail project in North Africa and, once complete, will be the longest monorail system in the world at a combined 98.5 km.

Egypt’s Monorail project 

The project’s first line will extend 56.5 km from East Cairo to the New Administrative Capital. The second line will be 42 km long to connect 6th of October City to Giza. These are the first mass transit links to connect Greater Cairo with New Capital City and 6th of October City. With operating speeds up to 80 km/h, the journey time for the new Capital City will be around 60 minutes (for 56.5 km line) and around 42 minutes for 6th of October City (42 km line). Once complete, the two lines will transport approximately 45,000 passengers per hour at peak capacity, greatly improving mobility for Egyptian citizens in a safe and sustainable manner.

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The project will use the design-build-operate-and-maintain (DBOM) delivery method, and includes 34 stations, including both elevated and at-grade locations, and associated works including maintenance facilities, depots, and an Operations Control Centre. The monorail will also intersect with the Cairo Metro’s Line 3 as well as Cairo’s High Speed Rail network, further connecting the dynamic Cairo region.

According to Hill International CEO Raouf Ghali, this is an exciting project for all involved, and represents the continuing strength of the North African market in general and Egypt in particular. “With demographic factors, astute planning, and innovation providing an engine for growth in Egypt, we expect the country will set a global standard in executing ambitious infrastructure projects and programs like the Cairo Monorail for many years to come,” he said.

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