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Newly constructed ceramic factory in Ghana to start operation August

Newly constructed multi-milliondollar ceramic factory in Ghana located at the Free Zone enclave in Sekondi  is expected to commence production by the end of August 2016.

The US$100m project will manufacture toilet bowls, floor tiles among other ceramic products using local raw materials such as fieldspar, kaolin clay, limestone, and silica deposits identified in the Western and Central regions of the country.

The factory is owned by Wangkang Ghana Chinese company and a subsidiary of the Wangkang Holding Group. The factory is designed with an inbuilt thermal plant that will generate its required megawatts of power using gas from the Ghana Gas Company (Ghana Gas) through the Atuabo processing plant. The factory will serve both the domestic and international markets.

Mr. Peng Chao, the Vice-General Manager of the Group, confirmed the availability of the required raw materials in the two regions. He further revealed that the first phase of the plant is expected to fully operate by end of August 2016.

Once the project is completed, over 1,000 jobs opportunities will be created at the factory. In fact, most of the factory’s raw materials are available in the Western and Central regions.
Besides the factory being cited at the Free Zone, the company is also focusing to ensure that the domestic and the West African sub-regional markets are well catered for with high quality products.

The company is also committed to ensure high local content through employment and transferring skills to local staff at every line of the company’s operations. Currently the company has a total of about 250 employees from the communities and the region as a whole. However, this number is expected to go up when the factory is fully completed and operational.



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