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Maitland Mews Social Housing project in Cape Town to begin

The Maitland Mews Social Housing project in the Western Cape region is set to begin construction in November 2021. Two hundred and four people in the Maitland region who meet the criteria may soon be able to take advantage of affordable housing alternatives.

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Those with a household income of R 1 500 to R 15 000 will profit from this improvement. The first beneficiary group, which includes families earning between R 1 500 and R 5 500, will receive 121 of the 204 housing units. In addition, the second beneficiary group, which includes households earning between R 5 501 and R 15 000, would receive the remaining 83 units.

The Western Cape Department of Human Settlements (WCDoHS), the City of Cape Town (CoCT), the Social Housing Regulatory Authority (SHRA)———, and the Madulammoho Housing Association collaborated to make this project a reality.

The Maitland Mews Social Housing project is set to begin in November 2021 and conclude in January 2023.

The Maitland Mews Social Housing project will be within walking distance of all facilities and public transportation, such as train, bus, and taxi lines. Furthermore, the property is bordered by and located in the heart of several commercial and industrial centres, including Maitland, the CBD, Epping, Century City, and Paardeneiland.

Both of these aspects ensure that inhabitants have easy access to the numerous alternatives available to them. Maitland Mews is part of Maitland Metro, a larger precinct development that will provide over 1000 new flats for people of all income levels over the next eight years. Approximately 350 new jobs are expected to be generated during construction, with local residents employed.

The project’s construction, according to Simmers, clearly demonstrates the Western Cape Government’s commitment to providing affordable housing choices for its citizens.

When completed, this project will provide many additional professional and economic possibilities for these qualified individuals and their families by bringing them closer to the Cape Metro’s main economic centres.

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