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Nigeria to construct an airport in Ebonyi State

The Federal government of Nigeria is set to cooperate with communities in Ebonyi State to develop an airport in the area.

The proposed International Airport will be developed in Ezza area. Amuzor, Orieuzor, Umuezeokaoha and Umuohara communities in Ezza South and Ezza North council areas whose land will be affected by the airport project have given the government the go-ahead to locate it in their area.

“The decision of the state government to site the airport in Ezza clan is a welcomed development which the communities are happy about to see development coming in their environs,” said Traditional Ruler, Eze Charles Mkpuma from Ezza South.

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Construction to commence simultaneously

On the other hand, the Olympic Stadium which would be constructed at the Centenary City, the communities involved are Agbaja-Nnuhu and Enyima-agu in Abakaliki council area and they have also given their blessing for the project.

Governor David Umahi, of Ebonyi State announced that construction of the airport will commence simultaneously with the enumeration of properties and persons likely to be displaced. He affirmed that affected persons who may be displaced will be compensated.

“The airport is one of the most important programmes for this state. Yes, we have the Enugu airport but we are closer to Abia; quite a lot of us are closer to Abia State. This airport is not for prestige. It is for business. We believe that if we build the airport, we will have more customers than Enugu Airport and this is very important. And the location of the airport is about 70 minutes from Enugu airport. Moreover, we are building for tomorrow,” explained the governor.

“Work will be on while enumeration would be going on to compile the list of those to be compensated. We will within the limit of our resources find a way to resettle them”, Umahi added.

The chairman of Ishielu Local Government Area, Mr. Henry Sunday Eze applauded Governor David Umahi for his commitment towards the development of the state, adding that with the construction of an Airport and Olympic Stadium in the state, Ebonyi will open up for more accelerated economic development and prosperity.

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  1. Hi the good people of Ebonyi State i appreciate the work of Ebonyi State governor may the Lord bless him and protect and equally Carry him to the up level

  2. Ebonyi State is going to be the DUBAI of AFRICA in no distant time —— DIVINE REVELATION. because they are special children of God but were being marginalised by the rest of IGBO LAND. A DANIEL HAS COME TO JUDGMENT .Future Governors who fail to continue the good works so far will be punished by GOD HIMSELF.

  3. God bless ebonyi state governor, (Engr Dave umahi) for making our state to be proud.
    But please remember us we izzi local gov. may God almighty bless you and your family as you do so in Jesus name amen

  4. May God bless u our lord governor for what u are working in our state u make us proud

  5. Outside constitution, I would say David, continue to govern Ebonyians 4rever.U have finally lifted the ban placed on us. Please don’t be bored because some people are condemning you, u must not be liked by all, thanks the great solomon.

  6. Governor Dave Umahi is really one in a million. Am personally proud of you. Keep setting the pace your Excellency.

  7. There’s no word bigger than
    “thank u”,i would’v given it 2u,
    thank u #david of our days,
    thank u,record breaking governor,for all ur good works in our state,
    u’r god sent.

  8. Dave a man of honor, a man of integrity, a man of comittmen, we realy thank you for your good working in ebony I state we appricate you for your good working. Am proud to be ebonyian.

  9. Development is good but those affected should be passionately compensated. No politics should be played on their welfare. Bravoo your excellence

  10. A leader is a person who knows the way, show the way and follows the way, my dear EBONYIANS let us support the movement with a brave team spirit to make our State a better place to live. GOD BLESS YOU ALL . AM PROUD OF MY STATE . DAVE YOU ARE A GOOD MAN CARRY ON .

  11. My Governor, you are the best and the epitom of development. We pray to have more people like you in Jesus name. Thanks for being the change we can see in Ebonyi state.

  12. May God bless you and protect you your Excellency, and make all your good dreams come true in your State. keep it up sir

  13. God bless Chief, Eng. D. N. Umahi for your good work, I pray that God will give you more opportunities to be the president of Nigeria in 2023.

  14. Comment: Very interesting, our governor is really a philosophy king, keep it up, we are proud of you sir

  15. When a righteous man assends d throne people rejoices. We are happy for what you have done so far I pray that God will continue to protect you against the haters of good things. We d people of Noyo Alike is pleading that you extend your good work of road construction to us.
    God bless you my governor!

  16. God bless the Governor of Ebonyi State, Engr Dave Umahi, God bless Ebonyians, God bless GSS Afikpo for given us a product we are proud of. May God surrender you with men of wise counciil.

  17. God bless the Governor of Ebonyi State, Engr Dave Umahi, God bless Ebonyians, God bless Government Secondary School Afikpo for given us products we are proud of. May God surrender you with men of wise council in Jesus most wonderful name amen.

  18. Gov.David Umahi be is really doing what got people talking, he has made Ebonyians to be proud of where they belong, I pray for him to continue with good idea that will take the state to the high level

  19. Comment:Gov. Dave Umahi is really the David of our State, Ebonyi and the country at large.

  20. This is a welcome development for Ebonyi State and for the people of Ebonyi, only the constructions of roads and many more I have witnessed has shown that DAVE UMAHI is truly a leader and a Man of his words, UMAHI please Remember me in your Kingdom

  21. This is really beautiful, Ebonyi state is the best, Dave umayi is the best governor I have seen in ebonyi state carry on may Gods grace continue to gard u


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