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Construction works on new parliament building in Zimbabwe stalls

Construction works on the new parliament building in Mt. Hampden, Zimbabwe have stalled due to COVID-19 global travel restrictions. According to President Emmerson Mnangagwa, the Chinese contractors working on the project were stuck in China due to the restrictions but have since been cleared to travel and are expected in Zimbabwe very soon. However due to this delay, construction will be completed in September next year, six months behind schedule.

“There has been tremendous progress and achievements in terms of construction. I am sure the constraints came around as a result of Covid-19. I am sure that we would have far advanced where we are now. Arrangements have been made for technicians who have been out of the country to come and I believe that from next year, construction would be in pace,” said the president.

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 Zimbabwe new parliament building

The new US $140m parliament building’s architectural design borrows heavily from the iconic Great Zimbabwe Monuments which is one of the country’s leading tourist resorts and Unesco World Heritage from which the country derives its name.

The imposing six-storey parliament building will accommodate joint sittings of the senate and the national assembly. The two chambers will have extra facilities such as office space for the staff, parking space, 12 committee rooms and conference facilities.

The new parliament is located in Mount Hampden, 18km north-west of national capital, Harare. Mt. Hampden is striving to achieve a city status that is determined not by population but by the infrastructure. The area is free from congestion and limitations from the city center and there is ample land for more infrastructure.


Construction of the parliament in Mt Hampden is expected to trigger more development around the area such as banking halls, residential areas, government buildings, universities, technological centers and shopping centers. The new parliament access road is also under construction.

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