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Zimbabwe to construct US $14m new parliament

Construction of US $14m new parliament in Mt Hampden, Zimbabwe is set to commence soon following identification and approval of a contractor by china.This is according to Speaker of the National Assembly Advocate Jacob Mudenda .

“More exciting for Parliament is the assurance by His Excellency the Ambassador that the contractor has been identified and approved by the government of China to come to Zimbabwe and construct the new Parliament of Zimbabwe at Mt Hampden,” said Adv Mudenda.

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The new parliament

The parliament will consist of two chambers; the senate (upper chamber), the house of assembly (lower chamber) which is expected to accommodate joint seats of the National assembly and the senate. The new structure will have extra facilities for conferencing, 12 committee rooms and adequate space for office staff and hectares of parking space.

Mr Jacob further added that everything required for the project has been put in place and it is expected to be completed between 18 to 24 months.It is estimated to create 3000 job to the people of Matabeleland North who will also have houses constructed for the workers.

“Knowing the work ethic of the Chinese in terms of completing their projects in record time, without compromising on quality, Parliament should be completed in a space of between 18 months to two years,” said Mudenda.

Implementing on other projects

Additionally as a way of improving and developing the country, the government has also implemented a number of projects including completion of Kariba south power station  which is now producing 300MW of electricity and has completed other civil works and infrastructures like new roads, electricity supply and water reticulation.

Furthermore, Adv Mudenda expressed his excitement over President Mnangagwa addressing glitches that had been stalling the implementation of several other projects. He hoped Finance Minister Professor Mthuli Ncube would find funds to pay debts Government owes the Chinese government to accelerate the implementation of mega projects.



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