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The sustainable revolution in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has made a great step ahead  as the construction works commence in the Al Urubah Park Project, which is a 75- hectare park that is situated in the urban grid on the central East side of Riyadh and is being planned by the LAND for the Royal Commission for Riyadh City. The infrastructure of this project indicates a paradigm transition in urban planning under adverse conditions as it pioneers the well-being of the citizens and the resilience of the capital in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia is fostering an approach that is transformative to urban development, spearheaded by the ambitious goals that are clearly indicated in the vision 2030 of Saudi Arabia. Focusing on the government efficiency, growing the economy, and the well-being of its citizens, the Royal Commission for Riyadh has recently launched the Green Riyadh Program that aims to come with vibrant, urban spaces that are sustainable for both residents and visitors.

Al Urubah Park is the very first park within the Green Riyadh Program and showcases a major milestone constructed under the motive to create a true urban oasis where the surrounding local community can satisfy its universal desire of reconnecting with nature. The pre-existing natural network of the city is the main framework that will be put in place to activate this strategy and also contribute to creating extensive open green areas in the city as a sustainable tool that will be utilized to combat climate change.

The Al Urubah  Park Project will contain a 2.7-kilometer Garden Boulevard frames nature at its core, which will be motivating the visitors to assemble and socialize amongst themselves at its roof top promenade that provides a breathtaking view of the Al Urubah Park.

Facilities of the Al Urubah Park Project

The inner park will contain a wide range of both leisure and educational attraction facilities such as an urban beach, a sports area, green amphitheater, a stage for musical activities, and lastly a total of four theme gardens.

The nature shall acquire its inspiration from the presence of hidden incorporated with the urban landscape. The Al Urubah Park project shall feature more than 10,000 tress, quite a number of pathways that will be crafted from the local soil, and lastly urban furniture that will be made out of the Riyadh stone and granite.

The presence of the future-proof water management system makes Al Urubah Park one global resilience model and an example in the innovative urban landscape design sector. The extensive-green-blue infrastructure of the project, serving as the detention basin of the storm water, is able to hold up to 475.000 cubic meters of rainwater and emptying it in 24 hours. The park has been wholly designed in BIM. It mitigates flooding in the area and manage Wadi Al-Aysen hydrographic basin.

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