Kaushik Engineering Works – Road Construction Equipment Manufacturers

Established in 2000 with their headquaters based in Ahmedabad, India; Kaushik Engineering Works are the top and most prominent manufacturers of road Construction Equipment.

Continuing a philosophy that’s spanned two generations, Kaushik Engineering Works is a family owned and operated business.

They are committed to offering a complete range of efficient road construction equipment. They are also the leading exporter of Hot Mix and Wet Mix Plants.

They maintain exceptional quality in their manufacturing processes, strictly adhering to their ISO 9001:2008 (TUV) certificate.

Their products include:-


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OLMET ITALY – machinery and plants for precast concrete elements

Since 1960, OLMET ITALY has been designing and manufacturing machinery/ plants for precast concrete elements.

They have accomplished over 1,150 installations in 70 different countries world-wide.

Their main products include:-

  • Hydraulic tilting tables
  • Moulds for columns
  • Moulds for pre-stressed beams (self-reacting or not)
  • Staircase form-works
  • Circulation pallets system (Carousel Plant) (Click to see video)
  • Vertical batteries
  • Box culverts form-works
  • 3D monolithic form-works
  • Concrete distributors, trowelling machines, etc.
  • 2100 kg Magnetic box and shuttering systems

Manufacturing facilities

Their manufacturing facility is able to carry out any type of material processing by means of highly automated pre-processing plants for steel plates.

This includes:

  • CNC laser-cutting
  • CNC boring on flat bars and other profiles, up to a maximum size of 5.000 mm
  • special machining of large size steelwork elements
  • press-bending up to 14.000 mm. length
  • milling and lathing by CNC machinery
  • Manufacturing and design of made sheared, press-bend, milled and welded elements of large dimensions having a maximum weight of 20 tons.
  • 43,000 SQ. MT. of outdoor area
  • 6,000 SQ. MT. of manufacturing area


    Carousel plant


    Vertical battery form-work
    Tilting Tables

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